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The UK’s first cold pressed sauces – delicious hot or cold.
Once you’ve tried them you’ll never go back.

  • Just real, fresh ingredients
  • No nasties
  • Great taste
  • Like cooking from scratch
Photograph: Contents of a fridge

benefits of cold-press v pasteurisation?

Pasteurisation, used in most other sauces, is a heat process where foods are heated to a specific temperature to deactivate harmful pathogens and bacteria. While this process extends the shelf life significantly, it breaks down the nutritional quality of the fresh ingredients, destroying any health benefits and affecting the taste, colour and texture of the ingredients.
When you cold press, there is no heat as we use a high pressure process (HPP). This means the original nutrients and product qualities (taste, texture, & colour) are not compromised and freshness is maintained. When cooked your kitchen will be filled with the aromas of home-cooking, so hide the evidence, recycle the bottle and take the credit!

Illustration: Grapefruit Globe

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