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It was never about making another sauce
We know cooking from scratch is better for us, but we often lack time and inspiration. So I poured my heart, soul and freshly prepared ingredients into a bottle for you to enjoy as you wish.

What is cold-press?

Cold press is a high pressure processing (HPP). It is an all-natural method that involves placing our products in a chamber of water and subjecting them to extreme isostatic pressure, equivalent to 3 elephants standing on a grape. The high pressure destroys harmful microbiological bacterias and extends shelf life without the use of heat. Because there is no heat, it retains the quality and nutrients of our ingredients.

100% free from nasties

Cold press not only means we don't need to use salt and refined sugar in our products it also means we can steer clear of any preservatives, additives or man manufactured stabilisers.

No compromise on great taste

Eating a healthy diet should not be bland. That’s why each of our products are unique in their own right. A flavour for everyone, from delicate, zesty & refreshingly light, to the bold, robust & armed with a bite. The choice is yours.

Photograph: Salad
Illustration: Grapefruit Globe

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