Tanya's Just Real
July 22nd 2019

We're Rebranding!

My Saucy Affairs have momentarily left the building! On August 15th 2018, I walked into Sainsbury’s to see my Sauce in the chillers!

It was a dream come true, well almost. Upon reflection I wasn’t quite ready, what was inside the bottle was, but not what’s on the outside.

Personally lacking the experience, expertise, team, funding and a planThe knowledge I’ve gained, lessons I’ve learned, and individuals I’ve met through this experience provide the armour to ensure our successful and purposeful relaunch.

Super Sauced about coming back fully loaded with exciting propositions for home cooks and chefs, supporting a campaign close to my heart, metal health, and making the difference I set out to! We'll be launching new products, with a vision to expand our range even further!

Oh and I'll be seeking brand ambassadors to be part of my story, our story!

A HEARTFELT thank you to all of you who have never stopped believing and supported me along this EPIC journey!

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