Tanya's Just Real
April 01st 2020

Teaming up with Ruth Hansom

Excited & privileged to team up with the real Ruth Hansom & have the best of the best onboard.
What do you do Ruth?
‘I’m just a Chef’
Ruth is a culinary Super Star (Great British Menu NOW, the first woman to win Young Chef of the Year Award - ‘17) and a truly beautiful human being & friend.
Together we want to help families & individuals ‘keep it real’ during this time of uncertainty offering just real fresh meal solutions and recipes to your door and some smiles along the way.
With our kids going stir crazy! Parents stressed - home schooling, their careers, home management, shopping, meal preparation. Everyone at cooking at home.
Our time to really help is now. We’ve fast tracked production launching in basic temporary packaging to ensure we can be readily available and accessible direct to homes across the UK when we most need it - making cooking at home easier, healthier, tastier and fun.
We want to work with good people to keep the nation healthy in mind & body with just real fresh food made easy & fun for families.
Ruth & I share a profound passion for food that delivers purpose - tastes amazing & is good for us!
Watch this space.

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