Tanya's Just Real
July 09th 2016

Saucy sauces launches

Taken from the article: https://www.lisstid.co.uk/articles/saucy-sauces-launches-great-tastes-with-star-performances-43

We attended the opening day at the ‘The Allergy Free From’ (allergyshow.co.uk) at Olympia 8-10 July. As always at these exhibitions, many new and exciting brands showcase their wares to the public. This exhibition is combined with the ‘Love Natural, Love You’ (lnlo.co.uk/) and the ‘Just V Show’ (justvshow.co.uk) show. So basically you get all 3 exhibitions for the price of one, even better, the price is free as tickets are available at no cost.

There was plenty food on offer for people to sample, so much so that by time we got half way around the big hall, we really couldn’t sample any more gluten free this, free from that, protein shakes, bakes & cakes, we were all pigged out. We spent the rest of the visit ducking and diving the many free samples on offer. But one of the more unexpected suprises that presented itself to our taste buds was a recently new startup called Dress Querade Sauce Co. This company, formed in February 2016 by Tanya Robertson-Lambert, really has nailed it. (Nailed what???) They have launched a range of versatile gourmet sauces, dips & drizzles all made from 100% natural ingredients. Their product promises: no added salt or refined sugar, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and completely free from gluten, wheat and lactose. Simple really and yet you have to taste it to realise what they have achieved. With creative names such as Cucumber Blunder, Beetroot Cahoot, Fiery Fiasco, Pesto Manifesto, Teriyaki malarkey, Smokey Cokey and Terragon Shenanigan, these sauces taste as good as they sound.

Now these sauces are really really good. I’m not just saying it for effect, they really are good. What’s more, this is a completely unsolicited write up on a food company that we feel deserves attention. Even the company name has ‘saucy appeal’. Tanya and her team, all dressed elegantly in black evening wear at their show stand, wear masquerade masks. Why? Because Tanya believes that “sitting down to eat together deserves to be a delightful and delicious performance”. This theme continues through to the company logo, labels and brand. Nice touch, elegance and sauce. What’s not to like? One day you will be seeing this brand popping up in your local grocery chain with big budget tv commercials, so we’re getting in there first. That’s what we do, nice find.

The Dress Querade Sauce Co have just launched their website to coincide with their presence at the Allergy Free From Exhibition and all their products are available to buy online. Check them out, buy it, try it, you’ll love it. Remember we told you so.