Tanya's Just Real
August 19th 2019

My Monday Motivation

My Monday Motivation - Selfie taken 367 days ago, just before I walked into Sainsburys to see my products in the chillers - that feeling, that look, that moment, that just real smile - the best feeling ever!

What I wasn’t prepared for was:

the importance of the right placement in store,

the challenges of in-store merchandising,

the real need for PR and marketing activation,

the necessity for retail experience and shopper insight of my proposition,

the brand not communicating the goodness of the products and our purpose,

I’ve learned so much in a year!

My greatest learning - I couldn’t do it alone, and not without a proper plan and budget

Team, partners, plan ready

We want and need you to walk into stores with a #justreal smile and say ‘I made that happen’, whether it’s £10 or £1000 or £10000 or £100000 - it willmake a difference.

Together we can revolutionise healthy eating - making just real food and life easier & better.

Launching crowdfunding campaign in September! Be fundamental in the ‘future of cooking’ revolution now!

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