Tanya's Just Real
July 29th 2019

Are You In?

For 7 months I’ve been waiting on individuals and businesses to make decisions on my future.

Considerations of partner, angel investors and even Dragons Den that could offer the added value and in-house teams I need for our relaunch, growth and scalability.

Frustrated it’s cost me some 3 months!


This time not wasted, discussions not in vain

I’ve learned so much, the setbacks leading me to brilliant individuals with the experience and expertise needed to take us to the next level, believing in our purpose, compelled by our live and real opportunities in retail and food service.

As a team, we’ve pulled together the perfect partners, developed the brand and propositions, constructed the plan for our meaningful and successful comebackI’ve held back on equity based crowdfunding as I wanted to be sure I had the team to back up the plan.

NOW I do!

WE want our partners to have a vested interest in our future, to invite the food industry to lead innovation that moves away from ultra-processed food, support a brand spearheading the link between gut health and mental health, on a mission to just get real and do good.

AND I’ve always wanted YOU who’ve become a part of my story to have a stake in it.

Are you in?

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