Tanya's Just Real
August 06th 2019

A purposeful re-brand from The Saucy Affair to?

Change - a purposeful re-brand. What do you mean you named your business based on your past?

I founded - The DressQuerade Company. My mask and dress symbolic, statements of my life, moments of clarity, the real purpose of my mission.

My mask, childhood borne mental illness, a love hate relationship with food, fuelled by ultra processed foods, personified when I saw phantom of the opera - face my fears.

My dress, marks the turning point during my recovery from mental health issues as a working mother - when I tried it on, I saw the me before my career and children, the me I had lost.

My real life experiences gave birth to my idea, the difference I want to make, disrupting the industry with just real food made easy, promoting meal time as an essential occasion to engage with our loved ones mental health.

Issue - no one could say it, and well it was often mistaken for a fashion house! After much deliberation a shift to The Saucy Affair - quirky, fun, theatrical, tongue cheek humour, t makes people smile! But practically it doesn’t encapsulate the

fresh goodness, just real ingredients in the products, and limits our scope for impending innovation into other categories.

Above all, it doesn’t match the depth of our brand purpose and story.

Can you guess our new name?

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