Tanya's Just Real


Q: Who is Tanya?

A: A slightly crazy mum on a mission to make a difference.

Q: How do I use your sauce?

A: The question is not how can you use our sauce, but how can't you. Hot or cold let your imagination unfold. Take a look at our recipes…

Q: What is the allergen information for your product?

A: All products are free from 14 leading allergens, apart from Teriyaki Malarkey (Soya bean). Read the label.

Q: What is the Shelf life?

A: The cold pressed process (HPP) allows us to offer excellent shelf life in the fridge so you should always receive fresh product with at least 14 days life.

Q: I want to contact someone at Tanya's Just Real

A: We love feedback so drop us a line at enquiries@tanyasjustreal.com

Q: Can I recycle your bottles?

A: Yes please do hide the evidence 😉! Cap & all!

Q: Can I eat it cold?

A: Yes, in fact we insist you try it!

Q: I live outside the UK...where can I get your sauces?

A: Currently we are only available in the UK & Ireland.

Q: Can I freeze your sauce?

A: You can, but not ideal as water levels increase.

Q: Where can I buy your products?

A: Buy online at tanyasjustreal.shop

Q: What do you mean by 'Just Real'?

A: A sauce of just real ingredients, no rubbish, supported by a just real story & a just real team, driven by purpose

Q: Where is your Head Office?

A: Registered office Colchester, we all work from home, flexibly!

Q: I have a nut allergy can I eat your sauces?

A: Our sauces do not contain nut & whilst every precaution is taken to ensure are products are not contaminated with nuts, they are produced on a manufacturing site that handles nuts.

Q: I am coeliac can I eat your sauces?

A: DEFINITELY! We hope you love them!

Q: Are your sauces suitable for vegans?

A: All of our sauces are naturally Vegan.

Q: What do you mean by cold pressed?

A: Reference Cold press process. Read more here…

Q: Can I buy in bulk for wholesale & food service?

A: Yes & we have multiple packaging formats available, contact us directly enquiries@tanyaajustreal.com

Illustration: Grapefruit Globe

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